The ultimate Kristjan Küllamaggi (Qullamaggie) deep dive - data and research bundle

James Muninn
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The complete research bundle: $215 / $375

Save Hours of Research and Accelerate your Learning Curve

The truth is, all serious traders knows the importance of putting their head down and study hard. Studying past winners, learning from other successful traders and do deep dives on sell rules, setups and risk management is all part of becoming a consistently profitable trader

But, most people are busy. School, work, family. Finding time for the cyclical process of studying:

  1. Research and information gathering
  2. Analyze data and information
  3. Conclusions and implementation

is really difficult!

And lets be honest, step 3 (actual trading) is a lot more fun than step 2 and 3.

Problem is you, you need step 1 and 2 to become consistently profitable.

Not an actual tweet, but paraphrased from his stream on July 2nd, 2020

Spend your time on the things that matter

Sifting through endless pages of information, manually copy-pasting charts into your chart book, manually creating huge excel spreadsheets and while also being bombarded with ads for the latest indicator or a new $69 (or worse) monthly subscription service.. we have all been there. It's time consuming and frustrating.

That is why I'm sharing hundreds of hours of work with you, so you dont have to do it.

Learn by Studying the Best

Kristjan Küllamaggi is the most successful trader of our time, having turned $9,000 into over $100,000,000 - all while streaming it live on Twitch. I reviewed over 700+ hours of his streams and analysed over 3 382 tweet to capture data on all aspects of his trading.

This Qullamaggie study is by far the most comprehensive study available and will enable you to focus on improving your trading.

What Others Are Saying

"It already provides so much value. Much appreciate your deep dive, especially for someone like me with a 9-5 job."

Paul R (USA)

"This is incredibly impressive. Must have been quite a work to put it together. It's like nothing I have ever seen. Will require self leadership to get through all of this, but it WILL make anyone understand Qullamaggies trading much better"

Felix L (Sweden)

"Seeing what Qullamaggie does vs what he says is mind-blowing, and would take hundreds or even thousands of hours of consuming Q's content directly to find that out. Going through James's deep dive, you can figure that out in a few hours."

Charlie M (United Kingdom)

"It's groundbreaking. Especially the chart database. That alone could go for $500 IMO. The time saved is INSANEE! I was in the process of watching every stream, but can now pivot more towards studying chart database instead"

Caleb B (USA)

"This is a monster work. A lot of useful stuff. The whole package is amazing. I give it 5 stars, and when I have some time I will write a short and really good review on Twitter"

— Lazarov K (United Kingdom)

"James, as a researcher myself I know how much time and efforts it would take. Am pretty sure it will be path breaking research and offer insane value for us."

— Chirag K (India)

"I haven’t seen this level of depth into analysis of Kristjans work and believe all traders , beginner to professional money managers, could benefit from his work."

— Josh S (USA)

Here's what's covered:

  • A 22 minute presentation of all the content and some key takeaways
    • Talk vs Action: Qullamaggie's Approach to Position Sizing
    • Riding the Waves: An Examination of Qullamaggie's Exposure Tempo
    • Timing is everything: When he enters and exits his trades
    • Winning Big, Losing Small: An Examination of Qullamaggie's Risk-Reward Profile
    • Small Numbers, Big Impact: A Study of Qullamaggie's Top Performers and Underperformers
    • Creative Data Collection: A deep dive like other
    • Resources: A Review of the resources
  • Detailed trade data from Qullamaggie
    • 976 positions with exact entry price and position sizing
    • 1563 trades with approx entry time (5-15 minutes) and date (2019-2022)
    • 125 swing trades from his early days (2014-2018)
    • Entry price and position size for 401 other trades (2014-2017)
  • Intraday and daily charts for all trades
    • Delivered in printable format
    • Native .png files include, so you can add them to your own database
  • Intraday and daily price and volume data for all trades
  • Various analysis based on the data
  • His positions watchlist at market open, after 5-, 15-, 30-, 60 and 90 minutes after market open
  • Stock data for all tickers
    • Industry
    • Sector
    • Marketcap
    • Institutional ownership
    • 1-30 day gain from entry
    • ADR
    • And more..
  • Qullamaggie monthly account size (2013-2020)
  • Qullamaggie cumulative profits and loss (2014-2020)
  • Searchable transcript from all his streams
  • All of his Tweets
    • Incl. an analysis of ticker mentions

A Risk Free Trade

I am so confident that this data will help you improve your trading and save you hundreds of hours of research that it goes without saying that this should be a risk free purchase for you.

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The most comphrensive research and data available for the most successful trader in our time


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The ultimate Kristjan Küllamaggi (Qullamaggie) deep dive - data and research bundle

111 ratings
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